Thursday, December 21, 2006

Rudy in NH? He Should Save Himself the Trip

Apparently Rudy Giuliani, presidential aspirant, is visiting New Hampshire. He should save himself the trip. He has no prayer of being the Republican nominee in 2008. He is stridently pro-abortion and is pro-gay rights. I am certainly willing to commend him for his leadership in New York City after 9/11. But what segment of the Republican primary electorate does he appeal to, aside, perhaps, from the Log Cabin types (as if they have any influence whatsoever over the nominating process)? And we can safely assume that any mainstream Republican primary voter willing to credit Gioulani for his post-9/11 leadership is likely to find almost any other possible candidate, including John McCain. More palatable. My record for predictions of late might not be the best, but I will wager my last nickle that Rudy will NOT be the nominee.

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