Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Stuart Taylor on Alito vs. Ginsburg

Stuart Taylor of National Journal, as he often does, provides a very cogent analysis of the Left's latest smear of Judge Alito.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

PA Supreme Court Justice Nigro Ousted

The legal Intelligencer today ran this report on the historic vote yesterday in Pennsylvania. For those not following closely, in the 36 years that Pennsylvania has required its judges to run in retention elections, no sitting appellate judge had ever lost such a ballot. Yesterday, Pennsylvania voters, upset with the stench emanating from what many believed to be an unconstitutional pay raise enacted for the benefit of Pennsylvania's legislators, judges and exeutive branch officials, did Justice Russell Nigro the honior of making him the first sitting appellate judge to lose a retention election. Not altogether a bad result, in my opinion.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Organized Dishonesty

It is clear, in the first days of the Alito confirmation process, that the Democratic party and its assorted flunkies will not hesitate to resort to lies and distortion to try and derail this nomination. Ken Salazar, just interviewed on Fox News, actually suggested that those people who know the judge, have worked with him or have argued before him, have described him as a "conservative ideologue." This is a blatant lie. Not one of any such people quoted anywhere so far have described the judge in that manner. To the contrary, Judge Alito's colleagues, friends and lawyers who have appeared before him (myself included) have uniformly described Judge Alito as conservative, yes, but thoughtful, diligent, prudent and restrained. I have nowhere seen the term "ideologue" used except from extreme Democratic partisans such as Harry Reid and Chuckie Boy Schumer and left wing crank organizations such as NOW, Planned Parenthood and MoveOn. The liberal partisans have made clear that they will not let truth get in their way, and they are not to be taken seriously. Ken Salazar, a purported moderate who while campaigning for office pledged to support the President's judicial nominees, should know better and should be embarrassed at having bought into the mendacious left wing spin.

Monday, October 31, 2005

DeWine Says No Extraordinary Circumstances

Senator Mike DeWine just stated on Fox News that he does not believe that Judge Alito falls into the "extraordinary circumstances" envisioned by the Gang of 14. He also said that he did not think that there would be a filibuster, but that if there were, it is likely that, at the least, both he and Lindsay Graham would vote for the Constitutional Option to shut down the filibuster.

More Good News on the Alito Nomination

Looks like the gay lobby doesn't like the thought of Judge Alito on the Supreme Court. As Martha Stewart would say, this is a good thing.

A First for the Third

Howard Bashman reports that Judge Alito is the first judge serving on the Third Circuit to be nominated for the Supreme Court. If any of the esteemed men and women who now sit or have sat on the Third Circuit is qualified and deserving, Judge Alito is.

Mark Levin on Alito

Mark Levin comments here on Bench Memos with regard to the Altio nomination and the fight ahead. As usual, Mr. Levin hits the nail squarely on the head. Let the battle begin. And to the Left -- Bring it on!

Matt Still AWOL

Nomination announced, and still nothing from Drudge. What gives?

PoliPundit Does the Math

PoliPundit has posted an interesting analysis of the likely roll call vote. I think its likely Judge Alito garners a few more votes than Poli suggests, but the analysis is interesting nonetheless, and I agree with the bottom line conclusion that confirmation is virtually assured. Hat tip to Michelle Malkin.

Where's Matt?

Its almost announcement time. Where on earth is Drudge?

Hewitt Comes Out Strong

Hewitt Comes Out Strong

Two Additional Thoughts at This Early Juncture

First, this nomination clearly bumps the Libby indictemtn out of the news for the forseeable future. Second, and belatedly, congratulations, Judge.

Alito Profile from AP

The Associated Press has put up this moderately interesting profile of the nominee.

Here's Fox News on the Nomination

Story here.

Thumb in the Eye

Looks like the President just stuck his thumb in Harry Reid's eye. Thank you, Mr. President. Your base will fight to the death on this one.

CNN Has the Same Story

Looks like its Alito. This is a great pick, and a great day for the President, the Supreme Court and the nation. I'll have a lot more on this in the days and weeks ahead.

Justice Alito!

AP is reporting that Alito is the pick (hat tip to K-Lo at Bench Memos).

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Bill Kristol on Democrat Obstructionism

Bill Kristol has this piece in the Weekly Standard on the filibustering of President Bush's judicial nominees. I sometimes disagree with Kristol's analysis, but he has it exactly right on this issue. An interesting read.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Confirm Priscilla Owen Now!

Senator John Cornyn has an excellent piece on National Review Online urging the confirmation by the Senate of Priscilla Owen. We agree with Senator Cornyn's cogent analysis, and call upon the liberal zealots to abandon their unprecdented filibuster of President Bush's appeals court nominees.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

White House Expects a Double Play

According to Matt DrudgePresident Bush has told his staff to plan for two imminent vacancies on the Supreme Court. Speculation is that both Chief Justice Rehnquist and Justice Sandra Day O'Connor will step down at the end of the current Court term. Losing Rehnquist would be a blow, although his effectiveness has been essentially eliminated due to his health issues of late. Seeing O'Connor head home to Arizona, however, would be more than welcome.