Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Organized Dishonesty

It is clear, in the first days of the Alito confirmation process, that the Democratic party and its assorted flunkies will not hesitate to resort to lies and distortion to try and derail this nomination. Ken Salazar, just interviewed on Fox News, actually suggested that those people who know the judge, have worked with him or have argued before him, have described him as a "conservative ideologue." This is a blatant lie. Not one of any such people quoted anywhere so far have described the judge in that manner. To the contrary, Judge Alito's colleagues, friends and lawyers who have appeared before him (myself included) have uniformly described Judge Alito as conservative, yes, but thoughtful, diligent, prudent and restrained. I have nowhere seen the term "ideologue" used except from extreme Democratic partisans such as Harry Reid and Chuckie Boy Schumer and left wing crank organizations such as NOW, Planned Parenthood and MoveOn. The liberal partisans have made clear that they will not let truth get in their way, and they are not to be taken seriously. Ken Salazar, a purported moderate who while campaigning for office pledged to support the President's judicial nominees, should know better and should be embarrassed at having bought into the mendacious left wing spin.

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