Monday, July 31, 2006

The Wall Street Journal Has the ABA'S Number

In this editorial appearing on the op-ed page of today's paper, the Wall Street Journal correctly labels the American Bar Association as a partisan liberal group whose recent pronouncements on matters such as the nomination of Michael Wallace to the federal bench and President Bush's use of signing statements to set forth his independent view of the constitutionality of certain legislative provisions are motivated by their partisan antipathy toward the present Administration. ABA President Michael Grieco evidently takes issue with an earlier Journal editorial on the Wallace nomination. Looks to me like the Journal has the better of this argument.

Andy Card on Miers

This story appears in News Max, in which Andy Card, President Bush's former Chief of Staff, discusses, among other things, Harriet Miers failed nomination to the Supreme Court. These guys must be sniffing glue or something. Card and his ilk appear to continue to cling to the ridiculous notion that Harriet Miers was appropriately qualified for the Supreme Court. Most troubling to me is the assertion that the Miers nomination resulted from the fact that the President found the other female candidates that had been presented to him to be "somehow not right." Edith Jones? Janice Rogers Brown? Karen Williams? Mary Ann Glendon? Edith Clement? Any one of them would have been preferable to Miers, and all are immensely qualified. Far more so than Harriet Miers. Is the President really that clueless? Or is Andy Card simply trying to avoid admitting that the White House had the gall to approach a nomination for a seat on the Supreme Court as somehow equivalent to a seat on some mid-level regulatory agency, as just another opportunity to reward a loyal crony. I am constrained to conclude that we have gotten quality judicial nominees these last 5 1/2 years in spite of, and not because of, the President.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Kofi Annan is a Joke

This is why Kofi Annan, and the UN, are an absolute joke and an embarrassment. They won't condom Hezbollah's terroristic targeting of civilians -- which is in large part what started the current conflict -- but they're very quick to try and stick it to Israel. Remember, these are the guys who years ago passed the resolution equating Zionism with racism. They are systemically anti-Semitic, anti-Western, anti-US an corrupt. As Charles Lichenstein, a reagan era diplomat stated, if the UN were to decide to pack up and leave, we ought not try and stop them but, rather, sand on the dock and wave goodbye. Tonight, I'd settle for Mr. Annan's exit visa.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Re-elect Rick Santorum

In the event that there was any doubt that Rick Santorum's re-election ought to be a critical priority for conservatives, I urge you to read his speech delivered at the National Press Club last Thursday on the subject of the global struggle against Islamo-fascism. With the sole exception of former speaker Newt Gingrich, no one else has expressed in such clear and cogent terms the nature of the struggle that we face, nor has anyone else been as willing to so unapologetically identify the enemy in the struggle. If we could replace the President's muddle headed thinking about Islam being a religion of peace with Senator Santorum's clear eyed analysis, we would take one giant step forward in what truly is a global struggle against an enemy as bent on our destruction as any other we have faced. (HT: NRO).

Why most liberals are hypocrites

Evidently, the New Jersey legislature and its self-absorbed, far left governor, believe that minors ought to have parental permission to get a tan. Somehow I don't expect that this same group of clowns would not be nearly so solicitous if the subject were abortion rather than the scandal of teenage tanning.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Happy Independence Day

Wishing a very happy Independence Day to all! God bless the USA!