Monday, November 06, 2006

Election Predictions

Pronouncements of impending Republican doom emanating from the hallowed halls of such MSM outlets as the New York Times and The Managua,er, Washington Post notwithstanding, there is no reasonable doubt that the momentum in these elections has been all Republican for the last several days and heading into the actual balloting tomorrow. It appears likely that the R's will suffer losses considerably lighter than expected. I expect that Rick Santorum will likely lose in Pennsylvania (although it appears that Rixk has all the momentum, and an upset is not out of the question), as willMike DeWine in Ohio. On the other side of the ledger, look for Mike Steele to take the open seat in Maryland, and Bob Corker to bury Harold Ford, Tennessee. Bob Menendez will probably edge out Tom Kean,Jr., who certainly gave the New Jesrey bosses all they could handle. Also look for George Allen to hold his seat in a race that, when the votes are counted,will not likely be as close as the polls seem to suggest. Finally, Conrad Burns and Lincoln Chafee will also hold their seats. Bottom line - a net gain of 1 seat for the D's On the House side of the ledger, I expect the D's will come closer to taking control, but still no cigar. Net gain of 12 seats, 3 short of a majority.

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