Thursday, June 29, 2006

Is Hamdan Stevens Parting Shot?

Over at Southern Appeal, Feddie wonders whether Justice Stevens' opinion in Hamdan, which was definitely a defat for the Bush Administration, is Justice Stevens' parting shot before announcing a long overdue retirement. As I said in my comment to Feddie's post at SA, I had the same thought today. For a liberal justice this would certainly represent going out on a high note. If Stevens decides to hang around, he could well wind up being an embarassment before too long. I know he looks hale and hearty -- and I wish the justice many more years of good health. But at age 85, things have a way of happening, and a man in fine health can go into a rpaid decline with even the most simple of traumas or illnesses. I have to say I agree with Feddie -- look for JPS to announce his retirement sooner rather than later.

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