Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Specter Must Go

I did my patriotic duty today and voted for Pat Toomey in his primary contest with The Great Satan a/k/a Arlen Specter. How much do I loathe Arlen? Several years ago, after the Republican impeachment debacle in which the GOP could not muster a majority on any of the 4 counts against the Philanderer in Chief (and Satan's now infamous, idiotic "not proven" vote) I left the Republican Party out of disgust and registered independent. Last month, I changed my party affiliation back and re-registered as a Republican for the sole purpose of voting against Specter. National Review was right when it branded Specter as the worst member of the United States Senate. He simply must go, and Pat Toomey offers Pennsylvania the best chance to dispatch this unprincipled disgrace of a Senator.

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